Food market kata restaurant has a wide selection of food items, whether Thailand tradition foods, Seafood dishes, European foods and varieties famous menus for customers selection to tasting.

- Grilled Lobster with garlic - Lobster with spring onion sauce
- Lobster with curry powder - Lobster with chili paste
- Steamed Lobster - Grilled Cheese Lobster - Grilled Lobster
- Steamed Crab - Grilled Crab - Lobster stir fried with Curry powder
- Crab stir fired with Chili paste - Crab stir fired with spring onion
- Prawn stir fried with tamarind - Prawn stir fried with spring onion
- Prawn stir fried with asparagus - Prawn and vermicelli noodles
- Fried prawn salad - Grilled Prawn with bacon - Fried prawn
- Stir Fried Prawns with Curry Powder
- Stir Fried Prawns wiht spring onion
- Prawn pancakes - Deep Fried Prawn - Prawn in fish sauce
- Thai style prawn salad - Tom Yum Prawn soup
- Spicy Prawn in coconut milk - Prawn Green curry
- Prawn Phanaeng curry - Prawn Mussaman Curry
- Stir fired Prawn with cashew nut - Stir-Fry Sour and Sweet Prawn
- Stir fried Prawn with Garlic - Stir fried Prawn with Basil
- Stir Fired Prawn with Chili Paste - Stir Fried Prawn with chili
- Baked Salted Prawn

- Tom Yum Salmon - Deep Fried Fish in Fish sauce
- Steamed Fish in soy sauce - Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce
- Deep fried fish with chili - Grilled salmon in soy sauce

- Italian Style fried squid - Stir-Fry Sour and Sweet squid
- Fried squid with garlic - Stir fried squid with Basil
- Stir fried squid with Chili Paste - Stir fried squid with chili
- Grilled Squid - Stir fried squid with curry powder
- Stir fried squid with spring onion - Deep fried squid
- Grilled Squid - Stir fried squid with Chili Paste - Thai style squid salad

- Baked Mussels with Cheese - Mussels in Tomato sauce
- Fried Mussels with garlic - Stir fried Clams in oylster sauce
- Stir fried Clams with chili paste - Fried Scallop with garlic
- Baked Scallop with Cheese
- Stir fried crayfish with Garlic - Crayfish in fish sauce
- Steamed crayfish - Steamed crayfish in Lemon Sauce
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